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ProZoneEvolution App, iOS and Android compatible for the management of the weekly plan and calculation of balanced meals based on block calculation of the zone and paleozone diet.

Instruction index



Initial settings


  1. Go to SETTINGS.
  2. In the ProZoneEvolution ID create your profile.
  3. Insert your nutritionist's data, if you have any.
  4. Setup the other options, notifications, gender.
  5. Tap the daily requirements. Calculate or enter the value. Tap "calculate" to enter the BMI section. Be sure you set up the gender first.
  6. Go back to settings and setup your Daily Plan. You can setup this step later.
  7. Select weight loss or maintenance in the Protein Calculation.



  1. Review all the Video playlist to immediately understand how it works and what you can do.
  2. After taking a look of all the sections and a little familiarization, try to calculate some meals in the Compilator.
  3. Do some export with the meals. Share them on facebook and tweeter.
  4. Do some export and import with the database. Export your default database first. Save its code name in a text app you know how to use it, send an email to yourself with the code. Then begin to do some variations to the meals and the weekly plan.
  5. Keep the meals you like and delete those not good for you. This app is ment to creat your recipes, your meals based on your habits in your territory, not to use our basic precompiled meals.
  6. Add the food you use more frequently in the favorites. If you can't find a food in the All Food group, then look for its nutritional values on the internet and add a new food.
  7. If there are complex recipes you use very often, convert those recipes in food. This will make it easy to add a slice of cake to your meal, for example. (Advanced and Full versin only)
  8. Once you created your own meal you can add it to the weekly plan.
  9. Visit our forum to add new arguments if you have doubts or questions. We are here to help you.


  • IMPORT the customized plan database made by your nutritionist.
    If your nutritionist has setup a nutrition plan for you, he also sent via email or whatsapp, of facebook, its code name. Copy that code (i.e "yournutritionplan_database_2-w1y") go to the IMPORT section in the home top menu, ensure you have an active internet connection, tap the database import, and paste the code. Select the settings and the supplements in the import options and tap Overwrite Database. You will have the whole plan ready for you to start the diet in seconds. Always perform an export of the database before to import a new one. Better to have a copy of the last working database.



Home Page

  • top menu
  • next meal
  • charts
  • bottom menu

Top menu brings to:

  • settings
  • gocery list
  • BMI section for the daily requirements
  • import section for meals and database
  • export database (the export meal is in the meal detail top options)

In the next meal the app shows the time and the food of the next meal.

The charts comes with default initial values. As soon you update the BMI data the charts will begin to show your progress.

Bottom menu brings to the following sections:

  • Home
  • Meals
  • Food
  • Supplements
  • Compilator
  • Weekly plan


Meals (balanced recipes)  [watch the video]

Note: please understand ProZoneEvolution is not a collection of recipes. It's a tool for adapting, optimizing your usual meals to balanced food intake. It's a tool for helping you to create your own recipes based on your personal taste and habits in accordance with the basic rules for good health. You will find around 50 recipes, basic and quick to serve meals that will show you how easy is to turn from random to smart nutrition.

It's the Meal list. Meals are created with the Compilator. Meals are subdivided into these categories:

  • ALL
    favorite meals collection, those with the star
    Place for complicated recipes or not in the zone (not balanced) recipes.


  • Typing in the search field will return filtered results of the selected group
  • Tap on meal (the item in the meal list) will open the details of the meal, right below it.
  • Swipe right on meal adds it in the weekly plan (more precisely in the selected day of the weekly plan)
  • Swipe left on a meal will pop up the confirmation window asking to delete it from the database
  • Tap on Meal in the header will scroll to top


Meal details

Tap the meal will bring up the following options:

  • add to favorites
  • load the meal in the compilator (vary food weight, save)
  • edit title, description, category, author, notes
  • add to weekly plan
  • share/export
  • convert into food
  • delete it


Add to favorites. Tap the star to add to meal favorites.

Load it into the compilator. Opens the meal ingredients with their quantities in the compilator.

Edit text content. To vary the title, notes, category and author.

Add to weekly plan. Manually insert a meal in the weekly plan. Same as swipe right on the meal. Meal will go into the selected day in the weekly plan.

Share. Export. Open the meal export section. Tap export and share it on facebbok, twitter, g+, whatever. Copy its code in the clipboard and send to a friend via whatsapp for example. Use its code to import the meal on another device of yours.

Meal Export notes
In the meal export page, tapping the MEAL EXPORT button will generate a meal with name code i.e. chickencurry_pasto_30-w1v and send its file to the ProZoneEvolution server. This way everybody knowing the code can load that meal on its device (if he has ProZoneEvolution installed). Fully compatible between any iOS and Android device.

Convert to food. Complicated recipes that you kook always in the same way, not in the zone, not balanced, such spinach and ricotta cakes, lasagne, cheese cakes, self made nutrition bars, home made protein muffins, home made protein bisquits and so on, can be converted into one single food, with its own nutritional facts and values of protein, carbs and fat. This is an exclusive unique feature of ProZoneEvolution App that makes life easy and easy to manage a meal when you have such food in it. Otherwise it will not be possible to calculate a fraction of a cake, or the weight of it that you can eat in a balanced zone meal.

How does it work: 

[watch the video]

You already know how to use the Compilator, if not do some experience with it and come back here later.

Let's convert the cheese cake recipe in a single food finding its values. What comes further looks complicated because it has to be described step by step, but done once, after the first time it will be very easy to do it again.

  1. add all the recipe ingredients, without care about the weight, to the Compilator.
  2. we need to know how many blocks of the prevailing food we have in the recipe, the cheese cream looks like to be the biggest one. 8 oz = 230 grams, circa.
  3. select the cheese cream, bring the slider to aproximately 3/4 of its lenght, you will see a value close to 30 grams. Well done.
  4. in the row below the header, the one with really big numbers, there is a 3 before the P value number. Usually we create a 3 block meal. So, 30 grams of cheese cream are 3 blocks.
  5. Good. The recipe consists of 230 grams, which is close to 8 times more of the grams value we have now. So put 23 or 24 in place of the 3. You will have a value around 230 grams on the cheese cream row. So also the slider will adapt to this value, and we can work easily, also with other ingredients, without going out of the slider range capabilities.
  6. Now set all the other ingredients to the original recipe weights. We calculate in grams for it is more precise than ounces. Do not try to balance the recipe. You want to eat a good tasting food not a readapted sticky version of it. You will balance the meal with other macronutrients that are missing, but later.
  7. Save the recipe. It has 23 blocks of fat? Doesn't matter. Save it please. Type the name of the recipe and select OTHER in the category list. This is a recipe not a real balanced meal so take care you don't file it into breakfasts group.
  8. Kook it in the owen, then put in the fridge, once it's ready, remove the sprinboard, and weight the whole cake. Write down the weight in grams, please.
  9. Open the recipe details in the app, and finally click the UFO icon, a pop up window will come up asking you the grams of the cake. Tap OK.
  10. ProZoneEvolution will now convert it into a food and open a new food item. You will have to select its options before to save:
  11. Category? What kind of food is this? Mostly fat, so fat? Sweet? Naaa better put into the Others.
  12. Quality? Ehm, it is a fat bomb, all saturated fats, so better to eat it seldom, very seldom.
  13. Classify as? Fat, no doubt. Even there's a fraction of protein this must be handled by the Compilator as fat.
  14. Protein origin? Prevailing proteins comes from milk, so select milk.
  15. Save.
  16. Done. Now if you want to arrange a meal with the cheese cake, a small slice of it, maybe to eat at the end of the meal, after a grilled chicken breast with a big salad, you can. Swipe it right, add the chicken, the salad, some olive oil, and set the grams to get a balanced P3 C3 F3 (once in a blue moon P3 C3 F4 is ok, no worries).


Delete. Remove and delete the meal from the database (after confirmation pop-up). Note: if you are in the favorites, tap the trash or swipe left will remove it from favorites but not delete from the database.

Table of the used weights (g) grams and (oz) ounces

The 5 columns are the weight (grams above and ounces below) of a Meal corresponding to 1,2,3,4,5 blocks. Once calculated the 3 blocks default meal, the other columns are automatically calculated. No waste of time to recalculate a 4 block meal. And, in the weekly plan, if you enter 12 blocks (supposing this is the total of the blocks for the people sitting at the table) you will get the total weight of the food to kook. Nice, isn't it?


Food [watch the video]

Food database. Fud is subdivided in the following groups:

  • ALL
    favorite food collection, those with the star
  • PROTEINS and subcategories, CARBOHYDRATWS and subcategories, FATS and subcategories, OTHER SOURCES and subcategories


  • Type in the search field to filter the food of the selected group, select all to search in the whole database
  • Tap on an item of the food list to open its details
  • Tap on + in the upper right corner to create a new food item
  • Swipe right on the food item to add it into the Compilator
  • Swipe left  on the food item to open the confirmation pop up to delete it from the database
  • Tap on the food text in the header to scroll to top

Food details

Tap on the food item opens its details and option menu:

  • add to favorites
  • add to the compilator
  • edit (title, nutritional values, notes, classification)
  • delete


Add to favorites. Tap the star to add it to the food favorites list.

Add to compilator. Insert it in the compilator list for the meal balance calculation. There is no need to open the food detail to add it to the compilator. Just swipe right on it do do the same task.

Edit. To modify food name, nutritional values, and the classification options.

Delete. Delete form database. Same as swipe left. Note: if you delete the food in the favorites it will be removed from vavorites not from the database.

Add new food

To add a new food item and its nutritional values, tap the + button on the top right corner in the header.

  • type the name of the food
  • insert the Protein, Carbs, Fat values for 100g
  • add notes, such as 1 thin slice 30g, 1 slice 7g, one teaspoon 3g
  • select the group (category) where we store the food
  • select quality:
    • favorable source if there are no contrindications to eat it very often
    • acceptable source is you have to eat with moderation
    • unfavorable source if you have to eat rarely or seldom
  • classify it, tell the app if it is primarily a source of: protein, carb or fat. Sometimes it is clear, sometimes it is not so clear.
  • select the protein origin: nutritional effective absorbtion may vary depending on the nature, the origin of the protein.

Tap SAVE to insert the food item in the database.


Supplements [watch the video]

This is the list to manage the supplements schedule in the dayly plan. Defines all the supplements to take regurarly at scheduled time. Supplements intake for those who suffer food disorders or athletes who practice endurance sports at a professional level, can be a challenging task, because of the cycle programmation. In the morining at 8, then again in the late afternoon before dinner, for three weeks, then pause for 7 days, then again for 3 times. If there are 1 or 2 items it's ok, but sometimes we saw up to 20 different supplements all with different cycles to manage. The ProZoneEvolution will take care of this sending you local notifications, easy like a charm. And water? Don't forget to drink as much as you can. Yes it is not a supplement, but it is a good idea to have it in the supplement list for you have to drink out and far from the main courses.

Notifications and weekly plan

ProZoneEvolution will remind you to take your supplements or to drink water 3 minutes before the scheduled time. The list of the supplements is automatically shown in the weekly plan.


  • Tap the supplement to open its details
  • Tap the + in the upper right corner to create a new supplement item
  • Swipe left deletes the item from the list and database
  • Tap the header supplemet text to scroll to top


Supplement details

Tap the supplement to edit its settings:

  • Name (i.e. Normast 300mg, Omega3 1000mg)
  • Quantity: specify the quantity (1pill, 1bag, etc...) and eventually the weight units of the dose (i.e. 5mg, 300mg) if it's not in the name
  • Time: fill in manually the time table in european hours:minutes, separated by a comma and without spaces in between i.e. 08:00,14:30,23:30. Midnight is 00:00
  • Start date
  • Days of intake
  • Days of pause until next cycle
  • Cycle number (with zero 0 the supplement will be disabled).

Tap SAVE to to insert the supplement into the database..

Delete. Remove the supplement from the list and the database. 


Add new supplement

Tap the + in the upper right corner to create a new supplement item. Fill in with data as described in the Supplement details above. 


Compilator [watch the video]

This tool is fast and hyper dinamic thanks to the gesture features of the mobile devices.

The screen elements, from left to right are:

  • header row: menu (save, save as, reset), meal title, efficiency chart.
  • main blocks row: kCal and P/C ratio values, base calculation block value (the first big number), (P) total Protein blocks, (C) total Carbs blocks, (P) total Fat blocks
  • space below is for the food rows and their tools to set the grams

How does it work, example of a balanced meal creation

Since the blocks for the individual meals are editable in the weekly plan we use to create new meals on the default basis of 3 blocks. But you can change this value should you need (as the example of the conversion of a meal into a food - see meals section)

Food items are added to the compilator from the Food list with a swipe to right. Or, with a tap on the compilator icon in the food details. Once all the food is inserted in the compilator the goal is to reach the same value for all the 3 macro-nutrients. You can add or remove (swipe left - no confirmation pop up) a food anytime.


If we have to balance a meal of 3 blocks the task is to heve P=3 C=3 F=3 in the main row. So we need the proteins first, then the carbs and lastly the Fats.

  1. reset the compilator if it's not void. Tap the menu (top left button) and tap Reset.
  2. tap ALL FOOD in the food groups
  3. type "fillet" in the search box
  4. swipe right the beef fillet item to insert it into the compilator (or tap the compilator icon in the details of the item)
  5. erase the serch box tapping the X and type "potato" (carbs)
  6. swipe right the potatoes item to insert it into the compilator
  7. erase and type oil, look for olive oil and swipe right on it
  8. now go to the Compilator
  9. tap one of the food items to activate its weight tools. Start from the items with the P on the left (proteins)
  10. bring slowly the slider from left to right until you get 3 blocks. Tip: tap approximately on the 3/4 of the slider lenght.
  11. repeat for all other food items following in the list.
  12. vary the grams to get the perfect balance. If you have too many proteins, select the prevailing source of proteins (fullet) and lower its weight a little bit. Do the same for the other items. Add od remove some weight to optimize.
  13. done! Now save, tap the menu button and tap Save.

Saving a meal (or recipe)

Tapping the menu button you will get Save, Save as... and Reset. Tap Save. The app will create a new food and will switch to the food section. Now insert the meal (or recipe) name, and select the kind of meal you are saving: Breakfast, Lunch, Snack or Dinner. Tap the SAVE button. The new meal will appear at the top of the meal list. Once you refresh the list, it will be sorted alphabetically.

[Food item row actions]

  • Tap the food item activate and open up the weight tools:
    • sliding the slider bar to right and left we increase or decrease the grams of the food
    • tap the grams text box on the right edge to edit it manually
    • tap the + or - round buttons to increase or decrease by button units
  • Swipe left the food item to istantly remove from the list (no confirmation pop up here)

Menu (top left button)

  • Save (to save a new meal)
  • Save as (to save an exhisting meal with a different name) - use this to duplicate meals and save with another name
  • Reset


Weekly plan [watch the video]

The nutrition plan is divided into the seven days of the week. Tap the day will show the schedule of that day for the meals and the supplements in between.

Elements of the weekly plan section

Header row

  • trash (empty the selected day)*
  • refresh the weekly plan (useful in the case some element need to be refreshed after edit)

*note: same as swipe left, however the swipe left has no pop up confirmation window.

Top menu (same as in the home)

Day row

  • grocery (insert/exclude the whole day from grocery list)
  • day name, date
  • total blocks (and difference from your individual daily requirements)

Meal row

meal detail

  • grocery (insert/exclude the meal from grocery list)
  • your individual blocks (tap to edit)
  • total blocks for all the people sitting at the table (tap to edit)
  • time (tap to edit)
  • meal kind, meal title, food preview

Tap the meal row to open the details below

tuna salad

  • options menu: add/remove from favorites, open in the compilator, share/export meal, delete from the weekly plan
  • description row: meal type, meal title, notes description
  • food and weights table:
    • 1st column = individual meal blocks (3) and grams of the ingredients/food
    • 2nd column total blocks to cook for the people sitting at the table (10) and grams of the ingredients/food

Adding the meals by sequence

To add meals by automatic sequence the day must be void. To empty the day from previous meals, swipe left on it or use the trash in the header. With the day free of the meals, below the supplements (if any) there is the LOAD SEQUENCE MEALS button.

load sequence

Tap the Load sequence meals to start the loading sequence. The app will switch to the Meal section in sequence mode (the header change to magenta). The sequence follows the "Daily plan" schedule as set in the Settings. You will have to choose the meals starting from the breakfast. The advantage of this task is you don't have to set the time and the blocks manually. At the end of the task you will have all the selected meals sorted in the daily plan.

Adding the meals manually

From the Meal list, in the Meal section, swipe right on the meal item to add it to the weekly plan (or tap the weekly plan icon in the meal option menu). The meal will be inserted as the first element of the list in the selected day in the weekly plan. You will have to set the time and the blocks.

Delete the meals from the weekly plan

Swipe left one by one [ ! no confirmation pop-up ] (or tap the trash icon in the details). Swipe left on the day to empty the whole day [ ! no confirmation pop-up ] (or tap the trash icon in the header).

Manage the supplements

Meals can be removed and added as described above while Supplements are managed automatically by the App following the setting of every single supplement, see the supplements instructions.

Edit the meal's blocks


Your individual blocks. There is no need to recalculate the meal in case that we have to change the blocks for it. Just change the individual blocks number and the values of the weights will reflect the change istantly.


This is the value for the blocks to cook for the people sitting at the table (you and your friends, the family, you alone) and can be edited like the individual blocks. The weights of the table will update istantly. Tis is also the parameter for the Grocery List generation tool. So, please keep this in mind when you will use the Grocery list to purchase the food.

Manage the Grocery list

Tap the cart icon on the meal to include/exclude it from the list. Tap the cart icon on the day to include/exclude the whole day. This way you can generate a list starting from the dinner of today until the lunch of tomorrow. For example.

This button is showing that the day has partial meals in the list. Tap the button to include/exclude all its meals from the list.

No meals for this day or meal not in the list. Tap the button to toggle include/exclude.



ProZoneEvolution ID (your email address)

The App creates an ID based on your email, the ID is required for the import and export of your meals and database plans, to IDentify them when you make a request to the ProZoneEvolution server. With your email you will also be notified of important improvements and upgrades of the app.

Your nutritionists

This is useful when you export a meal or export the whole database and you want to send it to your nutritionist.


Enable, diable the local notifications.


By this setting the App will show the appropriate charts and will calculate the daily requirements.

Dayly requirements

Insert your blocks number if you already know it, otherwise calculate it. Tap the "Calculate" button to swithc to the BMI section.

Daily plan

Setup the daily plan table for the meals load sequence in the weekly plan. The BtP (blocks to prepare) is the total blocks number or the people sitting at the table, so the whole blocks to cook for all the participants to the meal. These values can be modified in the Weekly plan depending of the needs of the moment. Should it happen that you will need more meals during the day, you can add them manually in the Weekly plan.

Protein calculation

This setting regulates the way the compilator calculates the proteins when you create a new meal or you modify a meal. It does not convert or modify the saved meals. If you want to update the meals with the new settings, you will have to load the meal into the compilator, make your variations, and save. The PDCAAS mode considers and differentiates the proteins by the PDCAAS studies level of absorbtion. The weight loss mode calculates the proteins of the foods which are not made primarily of proteins (such as spinach, broccoli, etc...) of a generic 70% absorbtion level. This because, if is true that these proteins has a lower nutrition impact, it is also true that are always a caloric source. In conclusion with the weight loss mode you will eat a little bit less proteins.

Advanced options 

Enabled in the FULL version only, for the nutritionists only. With this parameters you can change the calculation of the compilator. For example insert 0.6 in the P/C ratio if you want to create a meal with proteins/carbs of 0.6 (7g of proteins and 11,67g of carbs). The compilator will show the reference total blocks P3 C3 F3 when the ratio is of 0.6 instead of the classic 0.75.
Please note that variation of this parameters will not change the values of the saved meals. This setting just tell the Compilator how to calculate a loaded meal. But, if you want to recalculate all the saved meals to fit with the new parameters you have to start the conversion of the meals.

Conversion of all the Meals to the new parameters

Enabled in the FULL version only, for the nutritionists only. Tap "Convert all the Meals" to recalculate automatically all the meals present in the database with values based on the new parameters.
ATTENTION the procedure is not reversible, it is strongly suggested to save a copy of the actual database exporting it and saving its code to be able to recover it later in case you will not be satisfied with the result.
See export database for more info. The conversion, even though working pretty good, is not able to convert and optimize all meals. Once done check the meals with one food only, or those with already balanced food, such as milk or nutritions bars.


Energy value per gram of Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat. Default values are 4 - 4 - 9 but nothing prohibits to vary this values to more recent discoveries about this data. We suggest to maintain the original data where the zone diet originated. Modification of this values changes the caloric ratio between the food. The compilator makes a sum of all the calories contained in a meal returning its value in the kCal box on the left of the second row of the compilator, just below the header.


Force the language of ProZoneEvolution. Select the language without rebuilding database will keep the current database language and contents, changing the user interface language, only. Selecting the Erase and Rebuild database option will reinitialize the whole App to the new language with a new database. You will lose all the data in the database, except the app settings. After tapping the Force language button, you will have to close the App and restart to take in effect the new language.



Grocery list [watch the video]

In the explanation of the weekly plan there are the instructions about inclusione / exclusion of the meal's ingredients in the grocery list. The app calculates the values of blocks present in the second colum of the meal details in the weekly plan. For any marked meal the app generates a list of all the food and of its total quantity.

Mark as Yes every item you already have in the fridge or that you already put in the real cart at the supermarket or at your favorite grocery store.

The grocery list will refresh every time you open it. If you make a variation of the meal, or you change the blocks to cook and then you go back to the list, the app will scan the whole weekly plan and recalculating all the food to buy. that's why there is a lock. Lock the list if you don't want to refresh it if you exit and then come back. Useful when you are at the supermarket, or after checking what is in the fridge. Unlock it and the list will be recalculated every time you access to it.


BMI requirement calculation

We left acces to both forms for the woman and man, because you may need to calculate the requirement of another person, sometimes. Be aware that the app is referenced to the data corresponding to the gender settings. So if you are a man, and in the settings you didn't provide your gender yet, the app will think you are a woman. So you will have the woman charts and so on. Set the gender first.

This section is not only for the requirement calculation, but for the charts. In fact, if you come often here to insert your measures and weight, you will keep the charts updated.

Attention, please, to the data you enter. Here in Italy we use to say 1 meter and 62 centimeters for the height and this may lead you to insert a wrong measure. So insert 162 centimeters, not 1,62 otherwise you will get a weird minus sign value.


Import meals/database

Here you paste the code names of the meals and the databases you want to import.

Importing the meals

A ProZoneEvolution exported meal can be shared over any device with the same app installed. Doesn't matter the version or the platform (iOS or Android, for instance). See the meal details for more info on how to export it. Copy the meal code (something like: tunasalad_pasto_6-eWy ) from the whatsapp message, from the email or from our facebook page or website, and then just paste it int the text field of the Meal import section, to have it saved in your Meal list.

What happen exactly when you tap IMPORT MEAL?
The App ask our server to check if the meal is there, so take care to be connected to the internet. If the meal is there, the app will download it temporarily on your device, it will verify and insert the meal in the database. The app verifies if the food items are already there and if not it will add them also. Once finished you will get a report.

The imported meal always come with an asterisk * before the name, so that you can easily find it at the top of the meal list.

Possible isssues:

  • if the file is not on the server (maybe wrong code name) you get an error from the server
  • if you experience slow or bad connection because of bad network signal, cancel and try again

The cancel button on the top right corner of the report will clear the report only.

Importing the database

ProZoneEvolution can manage one database at a time, only.

A database exported with this app can be imported on any other device with ProZoneEvolution installed on it. Copy the database code name you received from the email or from the messenger ( something like: glutenfree_database_23-WxY ) and paste it in the text field of the Database import section. Then tap the OVERWRITE DATABASE button.

Unlike the meals, the database is not merged but overwritten. It is possible to import the database leaving intact the data of the settings, the BMI statistics and the supplements. This is the default behaviour. But if you receive a database from your nutritionist, and this is your first databae you may want to import the whole database, including the settings and the supplements. Depending from the case, you may select what to import or not. Leave the options unchecked to import the meals, the food, and the weekly plan only. The BASIC version don't have the weekly plan, so the data related to the weekly plan table will be ignored.

What happen when you tap the OVERWRITE DATABASE button?
The App ask our server to check if the database is there, so take care to be connected to the internet. If the database you want to import is there, the app will download it temporarily on your device, it will verify and start with the database data flow. Once finished you will get a report.

Check if everything is fine in the meals, in the food and weekly plan, supplements also. ALWAYS do an export before to import a database, and save the code name somewhere out of the app, such as the notes or send an email to yourself. This way you will have your original database in case you want to reload it or even in case you have to reinstall the app on another device.

Possible issues:

  • if the file is not on the server (maybe wrong code name) you get an error from the server
  • if you experience slow or bad connection because of bad network signal, cancel and try again

The cancel button on the top right corner of the report will clear the report only.


Export database

When exporting a database, the app creates a file and gives to it a code name. Something like "JonDoe16blocksGlutenFree_database_1-rXp". First part of the code name helps you to recognize it, and second part "_database_1-rXp" is a unique id.

JonDoe16blocksGlutenFree_database_1-rXp will be the code name of the file the app transfers to the ProZoneEvolution server. This way if you go to the Import database section and you paste one of the exported code names, you will tell the app to download that file from the server and overwrite the existing data.

This easy system will let you cross share the data not only over different devices but also in both of the iOS and Android platforms.

At this time there is not a function in the app that lists the exported items names, so it is necessary and also safer to save that names somewhere on your device text apps (note, text editor ) or even better to send an email to yourself.

Steps to export the database are:

  1. insert a short description that helps you ti identify the db
  2. tap the DATABASE EXPORT button

After a couple of seconds you will get the process report. 

Then you will have 3 options:

  1. Tap "send to your nutritionist" will setup an email with the code name of the db to send to your nutritionist.
  2. Tap "send email" to send the code name to yourself (as a back up for safety) or to your patient/customer if you are a nutritionist.
  3. Tap "copy code into the clipboard" to paste it in whatsapp, messenger to share or in your note or text editor where you keep the exported code names.

What happen when you Tap the DATABASE EXPORT button?

The app generates a temporary file with all the current database data in it. It connects with the ProZoneEvolution server and transfers the file to it. Files are very small (usually around 150kb) and the whole operation usually last few seconds. Once the transfer is finished you will get a report and the local temp file will be deleted.

There is no potential risk. You don't lose your data in the transfer. If an export will result in an error for some connection issue you will see it in the report. So just verify that the export is successful.

Possible issues:

  • if the file is not on the server (maybe wrong code name) you get an error from the server
  • if you experience slow or bad connection because of bad network signal, cancel and try again until it's done.

The cancel button on the top right corner of the report will clear the report only.




For any trouble or strange behaviour of the app please send an email (with steps you made before the error, screenshot, operating system and everything that helps us to track and replicate the issue) to or browse our forum.


Known issues

See the known issues list if you feel there is something wrong with your app.