ProZoneEvolution App CREATE a customized DATABASE and EXPORT it for your customer

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How to create a customized nutrition plan database for your customers

Zone diet rules are quite clear, however every nutritionist or dietitian could have his own way to apply those rules. The App comes with a default nutrition plan database, that should be varied and improved for a dietary development as close as possible to the nutritionists practices and needs of the patient/customer.

Think about a Gluten Free plan for a sedentary person with food arregies, intolerance or other food disorders, or for professional athletes, for just few examples. 

To start, setup the Settings with the customer data (the real person or the individual standard type). It will be necessary to fill in his email, measures, setup his daily plan, etc.

For a fluent workflow, avoiding to waste time rebuilding everithing for any new single patient/customer, our advise is to create some nutritional plans in advance, databases suitable to the most frequently encountered situations. This way it will be very easy to customize just few settings for the specific situation: you will need to fill in the personal data only, vary the weekly plan blocks or change just some of the meals, for example.

Once completed the Weekly plan, simply export the database. Then send an email with the code name of the database, or evan a message with your favorite messenger such the facebook one or twitter, whatsapp, and the patient/customer will be able to load it and immediately start with his pro-customized nutrition plan.


Create base nutritional plans for the most frequent cases

  1. Go to settings and change the Protein calculation mode: sport and maintenance or weight loss.
  2. Change the Advanced settings to suit the P/C ratio, should you need to vary that.
  3. Start the Meals conversion if you have to update all the meals to the new P/C ratio settings. (This function saves hours of work and this alone is worth 100 times the price of the App).
  4. Should you need to create a nutritional plan where the P/C ratio changes day by day (one day 0.5 and day after 1.0) do a full conversion of the meals to 0.5, then, change the settings to 1.0, don't convert and go to the weekly plan. In the weekly plan open the day you want to have P/C equal to 1, load the meal into the compilator, lower the carbs, save as a new meal and seve it with a different name.
  5. Add and setup the supplements.
  6. Once finished and you are satisfied with the plan, export the database and save its code in the notes or in the text editor App of your device.
  7. For any doubt or question just go to the english section of our forum and start a new post.


Create the database for the patient/customer

  1. Import a base nutritional plan database.
  2. Go to settings to create a new ID with the customer email and name.
  3. Insert your references, name and email in the nutritionist section.
  4. Setup Gender.
  5. Setup Daily requirements.
  6. Setup the Daily plan based on your customer's habits and needs.
  7. Take a look at the supplaments, verify if they start at the right date and so on.
  8. Take a look to the weekly plan.
  9. Once finished and you are satisfied with the plan, export the database and send the code name of the database to your patient/customer so he can load into the app and start the new plan even if he is on the other side of the planet.
  10. For any doubt or question just go to the english section of our forum and start a new post.


Summary for the professionals of nutrition

The ProZoneEvolution project wants to become an active channel between the nutritionist and his customer/patient.

The idea is to provide the customer with a tool to follow the directions developed by his nutritionist on a very precise model. On the same way the customer will have the ability to modify his meals with respect to what he is accustomed to eating in his region, thus facilitating his learning curve to the new rules.

The App reminds to the customer that he has to drink between one meal and another, will also remind him to take the supplements. The app has also some other great options, for example it simplify the cooking challenges of a mother that has to cook for the whole family. 

On the other hand the nutritionist, with his experience has to establish the right balance for his customer and the ProZoneEvolution App is the ideal tool to do it fast and easy. Asking the customer to exoprt his database and taking a look to it will give a picture of the customer's progress.

We know we still have a lot to do and to develop to fulfill all the ideas to help the nutritionist in his beautiful job, so any suggestion is welcome, feel fre to write us at

The best solution for the patient/customer is the ADVANCED version, as it is a copy of the FULL, except for some features that only the nutritionist can handle. Advanced won't support the Customer list, which is on queue in our development table. Basic version is without supplements, grocery list, weekly plan and it is good for those whose needs don't go beyond the creation and saving of the meals.